How do you pitch an article to an insider?

To work on your own for Insider, first ask yourself what topic your idea relates to and contact the appropriate editor (below). Read the site to see if Insider has posted something similar and to get an idea of our opinion. In addition, sometimes Business Insider publishes an article of yours that was published elsewhere without your knowledge. They search for published articles and articles specifically related to business news, such as careers, entrepreneurship, business schools, technology, media, transportation, or retail.

Business Insider is also one of the few media outlets that allow experts, authors and entrepreneurs to come directly to the media for consideration. I was happy to know that I still have it (even when I write as myself, a quiet gay man from Texas, and not as a millionaire business tycoon or an inspirational yoga guru) with a full article recently published in Business Insider, which was later distributed to more than twenty media outlets.