What are some of the most common mistakes made by businesses when following business insider advice?

When startups and small businesses are in their early stages, labor becomes a pressing need. Many business owners start hiring quickly in order to meet the demands. Canfield told us about the most common mistakes he sees companies making on LinkedIn and how all companies can better use the professional social network. If your company made a mistake, admit it.

When a person is criticized for an everyday mistake they have blatantly made, they are expected to accept responsibility, and it's no different in the case of a company. Of course, if the company is sure that it hasn't done anything wrong, denying it is the right way to go. But remember that one of the most devastating ways to destroy a reputation is to say you're innocent one day and plead guilty the next. No entrepreneur intends to do so from the start, but the pressures of owning a small business can distract attention from what's most important: your people.

Because business mistakes cost you time and money, avoiding them means you can invest your time and money in things that help your business grow.

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surveyed a wide range of small business owners and entrepreneurs from various sectors to learn about the biggest mistake they've made in their work. Here are their tips on how others can avoid their mistakes to increase their own company's chances of longevity. I organize after-work dinners and drinks with employees and business partners, so they can get to know each other outside the work environment.