How much does business insider pay for articles?

Insider employees don't get paid, although there have been rare exceptions.

Business Insider

also accepts proposals from writers who want to collaborate. However, there is no payment attached. The third option for posting to Business Insider is to harass some of the current collaborators.

The generally accepted way to publish a publication on Business Insider is to use their official contribution method. They search for published articles and articles specifically related to business news, such as careers, entrepreneurship, business schools, technology, media, transportation, or retail. As I assume that you haven't previously collaborated with Business Insider, they won't be distributing directly to you. Of course, you must understand the types of content and guidelines that Business Insider offers to its collaborators.

However, what you can do is contribute to another site that is distributed with Business Insider. Business Insider is an excellent destination for guest articles, if your site belongs to the type of industry they are willing to publish. You'll be surprised to learn that it's actually relatively easy to become a Business Insider contributor.