What are the best business insider tips for increasing employee engagement and productivity?

Managers should encourage employee autonomy and spend time with their teams away from desks, screens, and meeting rooms through outings, team-building activities, or non-work-related conversations during working hours. For example, Lin says that 30 to 40 employees have started the tradition of playing Uno at almost every meeting and outing in the company. Even if it's just a silly card game, it's unique to Credit Karma's culture. Building a culture organically is what makes people feel at home and want to stay with a company.

Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike, explains to Business Insider that multitasking hurts productivity because the brain can't devote all its attention to more than one task at a time, which is why texting while driving is so dangerous. Business Insider spoke with Harter about the most important steps companies need to take right now to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.