What are the best business insider tips for customer service?

Every day you talk to customers, you get information. As a support agent, you have knowledge that all teams in the company can benefit from. Every day you talk to customers, you learn about the goals they're trying to achieve with your product and how successful they are in achieving them. The customer experiences growth problems day in and day out.

BruntWork is a major entrepreneur-led customer support outsourcing company with more than thirty years of combined experience managing remote teams from the Philippines. Their staff is highly trained and provides excellent customer service, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BruntWork's team of professionals speaks excellent English at a cost 70% lower than their local counterparts. A customer who is in a hurry or busy with a phone call won't appreciate being interrupted, regardless of good intentions.

New employees who are still getting used to offering amazing service are the ones who are likely to infringe in this case. Make sure that, if they fail in their first attempts, put them in good order, so that you don't turn them off completely and try again the next time, when it's going to be appropriate. We bring you a daily selection of writers of the best Business Insider news so you can keep up to date on the latest topics and conversations about the African market, leaders, careers and lifestyle.