What are the best business insider tips for staying ahead of industry trends and developments?

One of the most convenient places to keep up with trends is social media. Mobile phone theft is on the rise in Britain, especially in the busiest cities. On the London Underground alone, phone thefts increased by 25% last year, with an average of twelve people being robbed by pickpockets every day. Given that Brexit remains the dominant issue in the United Kingdom and it is not clear whether Britain will leave the European Union on October 31 without reaching an agreement, all scenarios seem possible.

In the following article, Flogas UK, which supplies gas for business and domestic use, looks at what the possibility of not reaching an agreement could mean for the UK gas industry. If your company's resources don't allow you to set trends for the time being, stay up to date and jump on the bandwagon of advertising that's relevant to your company and your customers. More than just a magazine, EU Business News was created with the vision of informing and helping companies to be recognized for their success.