What are the best business insider tips for creating a successful pr strategy?

Garland and Isaacs each have more than 10 years of experience in public relations, communications and marketing. The two founders told us about their best practices, which place customers in important and local publications. Before talking to a reporter, it's important to know what they're covering and how the publication approaches stories. Garland reads at least 10 to 15 articles a day to keep up with what's going on in the industry.

If you haven't had great success in the media yet, or if you've recently turned your business around and want to get your opinion out loud, writing for Business Insider would be a great goal. A good speech is short, direct and strategic. This argument seems innocent enough, but it actually has strategies and research mixed up on several points. In addition, sometimes Business Insider publishes an article of yours that was published elsewhere without your knowledge.

Business Insider is also one of the few media outlets that allow experts, authors and entrepreneurs to come directly to the media to request their consideration. A position or an entire article on Business Insider means an opportunity for visibility, credibility and visibility. If you already have great blogs online, you can send them to Business Insider to study. Follow these tips to maximize your outreach efforts and get journalists to want to know more about your company.